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Crafter’s Balm, charms and notions are all made in Laura’s home in Suffolk, England.

Hi! My name is Laura, I’m a mum of a whirlwind toddler and a small baby from Lowestoft, in Suffolk.

For as long as I can remember I have loved all crafts! But Knitting has always been my favourite. Back when my daughter was a little baby I started up a podcast on YouTube where I chat about my knitting, I decided to call myself The Lonely Knitter as I had no in person knitting friends and no one to talk about craft with.

Since then I have found an amazing community on YouTube and Instagram, and met so many amazing people that I am now lucky enough to call friends!

Crafter’s balm came about when I was looking at hand creams and balms because my hands were always dry, but the skin on my face is highly sensitive, so if I touched my face after putting a cream on I would end up with a reaction.

I decided to try making balm in small push up containers so that I could carry them easily in my project bags and apply them as needed, I showed a few of my friends and ended up starting a Kickstarter campaign to buy some materials and start on a bigger scale. The campaign, supported by my friends, family, and massively by the online knitting community by far exceeded its funding and so Crafter’s Balm was born!!